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13 Jun 2016


So today yesterday is was my birthday.

My family celebrated it a day before. Lovely.
My small circle of friends wished me, through voicenotes & videos & words. Not to lie, I smiled.
Someone I'm with sang the birthday song on the phone. Not to lie, it's cute.
And a few people wished me too. Awesome.

So here's a life update:
For now, I don't feel that happy.
For now, I feel null as heck.
For now, I'm making someone feel useless because I'm not happy.

The thing is it's not you love, it's me.

I'm getting old.
I'm feeling so adult-ish.
It's just a plain day but with some "shit I'm 22 screw this nobody is around and I'm scared of the future" feeling.

Bye for now.

Latest update:
Last night my favorite person came just to see me on my birthday.
That would be enough.

It's just the presence of someone can change everything, especially the one you hope the most.
You don't have to give gift cause you're the gift to me.
And and and.. I'm sorry for being cocky.

Take care!

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