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28 Apr 2016

Surat layang.

Yang Berhormat,
Yang Berharap,
Yang Berapi,
Dan Yang Membaca Dalam Diam,
(omg ada ke gila, ahaha)


Dengan sukacitanya aku menaip..haa yelah, takkan berduka pula.
Aku dapat rasa aku pelik orangnya.

Aku basically orangnya socially awkward.
Nampak sungguh unfriendly.
Nampak sungguh sombong.
Nampak sungguh introvert.
Nampak sungguh pervert..eh. Tak tak ni tipu je.

Tapi bila aku rasa macam aku diterima seadanya,
dengan secara automatiknya aku boleh jadi selamba.

Persoalan sekarang,
bila manusia nak buat aku rasa diterima ni?

26 Apr 2016

Life update I

Back then I asked my ex-manager about the choice to study or to work.
"Peluang untuk further study, unlimited. Peluang kerja, limited." He said, lebih kurang.

Few months later..
I took the decision to be a part time student on weekends and a full time worker on weekdays (+ half saturday lol).

It's a good choice, I guess.
Good for my future.
Bad for the present time (for some people cause I can't make time for them) (ada ke lol) (just incase)

And few months later.. I resigned. I got into a company where I did my internship.
Few years from now I may have a degree and I may have a stable/steady job.


(Omg kenapa May it's only April kot now) (ok tak lawak)

To be honest, I don't know.

Life is full of unexpected happenings.
And also uncertainties.
And also possibilities.
And also surprises.

For now let's just live (and breath and work and study) as much as I can.

Ayat pendeknya: just follow the flow.
(duh nak gak tulis ayat panjang padahal ayat shortcut ada)
(duh Alia, duh)

Takda flow, pakai Waze lah.
Takda Waze, pakai Google Map.
Ok main main lagi bye

19 Apr 2016


The moment you start to argue,
the moment you speak out,
the moment you talk shit,
the moment you misbehave, disrespect..and you talk about manners..

Hah, it's invalid. 

You arguments about how I behave when you can't see the way you behave,
it's irrelevant.

14 Apr 2016

Funny moment.

Today was actually a not-so-casual-day for me.
I smiled to strangers, but they ignored.
I said hi to colleagues, but they look..stressed?

I feel like I'm being disliked by some people, but it's okay.
The reason I'm there is to work and not to socialize, anyway. (whatever it is, respect is still respect)
But a funny moment happened to me, today.

I was taking a short-break alone and when I was on my way to go to the lift,
Someone waited for me to enter the lift with her.
I smiled and said thanks.

The lift was closed.
I waited for the lift to open.
...it takes time tho'.

But then..
(tengok button lift tak tekan)
Serentak gelak dengan orang tu.
Dedua tak tekan button lif ahahahahaha
Ok tu je bye


Some people they can be a bitch to you, cause they see you as this small person.
A small person who doesn't fight back.
A small person who doesn't complain that much.
A small person who doesn't do anything when you did things to her/him-selves.
I honestly don't know.
As a small person, I don't fight I don't argue and I don't talk that much.
I observe and I'll try to tolerate and be patient, instead. 
But just be careful. Once I'm done, I can blow.

10 Apr 2016

Sayang tu ada.

Bergaduh non stop.
Semua benda serba tak kena.
Senyap seribu bahasa.
Perasaan ego berleluasa.

Tapi tah macam mana, sayang jatuhkan ego.
Tapi tah macam mana, rindu jatuhkan semua.

7 Apr 2016



Can be weird.
Can be unexplainable.
Can be complicated.
Can also be just ok.

Weird, isn't?