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28 Nov 2016

4 30 pagi.

4 30 pagi.
Celaka, tak boleh tidur lagi.

4 30 pagi,
Celaka, terfikir lagi.

4 30 pagi, 
Celaka, terindu sekali.

25 Nov 2016


He's busy with work.
But she's busy with other people. 
He's busy working to earn money.
But she's busy having fun, losing money. 
He's sacrificing his time for the future.
But she's making the sacrifices to seem worthless.  
To commit is scary,
but to have someone who can never commit is scarier.

19 Nov 2016

Rough night.

A picture from 2014 

Sorry for being like this but I deserve to be not okay at times.
I'll be fine tomorrow.

14 Nov 2016

Losing and gaining.

From every lost, we learn something.
And from every learnt, we gain something.

Some things, takes time.
Some things, takes effort.

Yang jatuh, akan bangun.
Dan yang bangun, takkan kekal berdiri.
Mencuba, itu yang paling penting.


8 Nov 2016

Simple but yet complex.

I know people.
People know me.
But are we friends?
Acquaintances? Yeap.
Friends? Nope.

Yes, I can physically be attached with someone but emotionally attached to none.
And I prefer a small circle of friends but nonetheless, I'm okay with everyone.

Distance means nothing, but you see..
the stages of being comfortable, the trust level to open yourself up and to just be yourself, it surely can lead to everything.

7 Nov 2016

Changes in the future.

I love the way I get comfortable with someone.
I love the way we can sit somewhere and talk about many things.
I love the way I can open myself up to you.
I love the way we vibe. 

But if someday things change,
promise me that we do it in peace even when it takes time, can you?

3 Nov 2016


Disebalik rasa ingin gaduh,
terselit rasa rindu.
Disebalik rasa ingin tahu,
terselit ayat "kisah".

Disebalik rasa ingin marah,
lenyap kerna sayang.

1 Nov 2016


I observe.
I read.
I listen.
I feel and lastly,
I write.

Because to write down is easier than to speak out.