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23 Jan 2017

Cute idea, but not for me.

The idea of being together for a long time, 
I can't deny.. It's cute.
Siapa je taknak, kan?

I don't think I can do it. 
I don't think I can commit. 
I don't think I can feel it. 
I don't think I can keep it.
And I don't think it's going to work out for me either.

5 Jan 2017


I wanna know.
I wanna know more.
I wanna know the thing most people don't know.
I wanna meet new people,
I wanna make new friends,
I wanna create new moments.
But to get all of these,
I really need to be more brave.
I need to be more confident.
I need to be less shy.
I just need to try.

3 Jan 2017


Hi 2017.

It's been 3 days.
So far you're ok.
I can't expect my days to be okay all the time but all I can do is to face it well.

In terms of my long term goal..

2015 was the year of getting up and fixing shit up after being down and hibernate for awhile..
2016 was the year of stabilizing life..

2017? I don't know.
Yang mana negatif, keluar.
Yang mana positif, masuk.
Yang mana baik, lets just keep it.
Yang mana jahat, lets just let it go.
Masa kosong, bakal diisi.
Gambar-gambar, bakal disimpan rapi.
Akhir kata..
Let's just try to fulfill these days with positiveness, if can't..well with tolerance & patience then.
Shall we?