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23 Apr 2018

Aging can be boring.

Dear all,

Referring to the above subject, I really mean it. Haha.

You see, not every old friends really stick to you.
You met new friends.
You mingle with them.
You get comfortable with them just like you did with your old friends.

And you don't have ANY idea on your old friend's life updates because you just don't know.

They don't tell and you never ask.
You also don't tell things to them and they never ask.

It's mutual so don't worry.

I hope everyone is okay. That's all.

18 Apr 2018

Life update:


Life for the moment:-
Hectic, but manageable.
Surviving, still.
Breath in..breath out..breath in..breath out.
Hah!! Ok cun.

Good news, I'm being promoted.
Better news, I'm ready.

It's not an ending. 
It's a new beginning. 


Dan dan..aku dah start ambil gambar semula. 
Daily routine! Macam gambar diatas.

Aku berhasrat nak start semua benda yang aku minat dalam sibuk sibuk menjalani kehidupan yang hectic.
Semoga berjaya lah diucapkan kepada diri sendiri.

28 Mar 2018

Lari, pergi, mengganti.

It's been awhile.
I'm only here whenever I'm upset and whenever I feel like I'm all alone..

Life is so far so good.
But tonight, is just not my night.
I don't feel right.

Dia kata dia takkan lupa kita, tapi end up dia pergi.
Dia kata dia takkan ganti kita, tapi end up dia lari.
Dia kata dia akan selalu cuba ada untuk kita, end up solusi terakhir dia; lupakan segala memori.

I realized that some people are meant to be temporary despite the fact that the feelings were;are real.
I realized that it's never a regret knowing people who are meant to be temporary.
Maybe it's for the best. Maybe it's for us to learn.

Selagi boleh layan baik, kita layan selagi boleh.

I just wanna be with people who seriously want to be there with me.
Not by words, but by actions.