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28 Sep 2016

Draft post lama: Pelik.

14 Aug 2015

10 tahun aku kenal kau,
aku tak pernah rasa kau akan kekal lama.
1 hari aku kenal dia,
aku dapat rasa dia bakal jadi kawan aku untuk tempoh masa yang lama,
mungkin juga selamanya.

28 Sept 2016

dan akhirnya, dia pun hilang.
dan magiknya kenalan yang tak pernah aku terfikir pula datang,
muncul dan kekal sampai sekarang.

Entah sampai bila, aku pun tak tahu.
Tapi selagi orangnya mahu, selagi tu aku ada.

21 Sep 2016

I choose.

I choose to let it go rather than fight back,
for the sake of good relation. 
I choose to ignore rather than fight back,
because you're wasting my time. 
I choose to ignore rather than fight back,
because treating wrong people like you the right way is still wrong, to you.
So yeap..
I choose to pay no attention to you,
because you're not worth it. 
Because basically; it's pointless. 
You're not important to me and you're not even a part of my life.
Hopefully you'll feel fulfilled with your life.
Hopefully you'll understand that it's a waste of time to be negative with people.
The best way to deal with people who mistreat you is to let it go and ignore than to do shit to these people.

Now, you shall go and move on.
Go away and just be free,
in order to find your inner peace,
without me in it.


5 Sep 2016

From me, to whom it may concern

Part I - 2013
Part II - 2016
The bad in you;
Let me know.
Tell me why.
Show me how.

So that I can accept,
so that I could understand,
so that I would not judge. 
To mistrust a person when the person tell things; it's irrelevant. 
I won't leave, I won't stop and I won't quit. 
All I want is to know you better
and all I need is a chance.
Sincerely, me.
Alia Mustapha