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26 Apr 2016

Life update I

Back then I asked my ex-manager about the choice to study or to work.
"Peluang untuk further study, unlimited. Peluang kerja, limited." He said, lebih kurang.

Few months later..
I took the decision to be a part time student on weekends and a full time worker on weekdays (+ half saturday lol).

It's a good choice, I guess.
Good for my future.
Bad for the present time (for some people cause I can't make time for them) (ada ke lol) (just incase)

And few months later.. I resigned. I got into a company where I did my internship.
Few years from now I may have a degree and I may have a stable/steady job.


(Omg kenapa May it's only April kot now) (ok tak lawak)

To be honest, I don't know.

Life is full of unexpected happenings.
And also uncertainties.
And also possibilities.
And also surprises.

For now let's just live (and breath and work and study) as much as I can.

Ayat pendeknya: just follow the flow.
(duh nak gak tulis ayat panjang padahal ayat shortcut ada)
(duh Alia, duh)

Takda flow, pakai Waze lah.
Takda Waze, pakai Google Map.
Ok main main lagi bye

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