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14 Apr 2016

Funny moment.

Today was actually a not-so-casual-day for me.
I smiled to strangers, but they ignored.
I said hi to colleagues, but they look..stressed?

I feel like I'm being disliked by some people, but it's okay.
The reason I'm there is to work and not to socialize, anyway. (whatever it is, respect is still respect)
But a funny moment happened to me, today.

I was taking a short-break alone and when I was on my way to go to the lift,
Someone waited for me to enter the lift with her.
I smiled and said thanks.

The lift was closed.
I waited for the lift to open.
...it takes time tho'.

But then..
(tengok button lift tak tekan)
Serentak gelak dengan orang tu.
Dedua tak tekan button lif ahahahahaha
Ok tu je bye

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