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21 Aug 2017

Stages of (Social) Life.

So hi.

Ada life progress yang takda orang nak tahu tapi aku nak bagitahu jugak haha.

I would say that my life is getting better, in terms of social life I guess?
I used to be this person that always get social anxious.

Each time pergi event sorang, cuak nak mampus.
Each time keluar dengan orang, penakut teruk.
Each time communicate dengan orang, awkward habis.
Each time jugak lagi prefer untuk keluar sorang sorang.

Anxiety is a thing that others can't understand.
I'm still getting nervous when I have to present in front people.
My hands getting cold when I have to introduce myself.

But.. I'm getting better.

Makan mamak sorang, takda hal.
Nampak orang aku kenal time berjalan sorang sorang, I can smile.
Bila keluar berdua, I can talk as long that I'm okay with the person.
Masih dalam level introvert, tapi confirm-confirm masih bukan extrovert.

Probably I'm just getting comfortable on living.

I honestly think that my social life starts at the age of 21.
That's when I met someone I don't know in real life.
That's when I started to join volunteering things alone.
That's when I started to fix my life back.
That's when everything starts..

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