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28 Aug 2011

Life changed, drastically.

Yes, I am still alive!

Few weeks left before the examination. I'm scared.
Muka biasa, hati cuak. Benda biasa. 
I left blogger for a very very long time. 
I miss my blog. I miss typing a post. I miss publishing a post. Oh god. 

My life? Totally changed! Since I got Twitter.. I left you, blogger. Lol sorry. 
This is my blog, I'll post whatever I want, whenever I want and anytime I want to.

For a few months, I realize that nothing last forever in this world. Including your best friend.
What is left is just some memories. People changed. Feelings changed. Including me.

Nothing last forever. Our best friend "forever" pun will leave us one day. 
Amboi kemain gambar sendiri. Kehkeh.

People come and people go, replaceable. 
Yang mana yang kita ada, appreciate.
Yang mana yang pergi daripada kita, godai.

Life must goes on, bruh.

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