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8 Jan 2011

The feeling when you moved to a new school.

I reached my maximum happiness in my old school, 
I went home, I was told that I'll move to a new school. 

I went through the trouble of saying goodbye to my friends,
as much as it may hurt as I'm leaving with no choice to stay. 

After saying goodbye to my friends, 
it’s now time to go to new school.

I arrived to that school. Pretty shy and I don’t know anyone. 
As the day goes on, I started to make a few friends. 

I'm TOTALLY opposite as in my other school. 
I'm pretty much stuck with my new friends,

Leave everything that is familiar and try to fit in a new environment ain't easy you know?

New school, new teachers, new friends and new worries. 

New enemy? Hihi NO. Not yet. :)

I'm stressed. My class consists of the clever kids.
Guess who is the stupid kid in the class?

Yeah this bitch right here :3

A prefect girl who sat next to me is hell a clever kid. 7A's

I wanna change the class. But my classmates didn't let me. Cool eh?

Later, I'll take some photos of the new 'environment' and post it here. 

My first day?
I'm not nervous nor excited.
I'm calm and nice. BUT, 

I'm sick of being friendly. Not-so-me. 
But still, I got some new friends. They are too nice for me. 

I miss my old school.
I miss my friends. 

I miss everything! 
Now I know that my old school rules. 

And I know that someday,
They will forget about me.
But I just wanna let you know that,
I'll never forget them. 

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