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29 Oct 2010


Life isn't easy, but having a support system makes life that much easier.

They attend to your everyday needs,
They make sure you are comfortable where you are,
They make you feel better when you are blue,
They would teach you something new everyday,
They would not let obstacles keep you down,
They teach you wrong from right,
They wipe your tears away when you are sad,
Thank you family for all that you do.

 I ♡ you, family.

 Why am I writing these?

Recently, my family has been going through a hard time.
Dude, I cried and I cried every night.
I always think about it. Very distracting.

Yeah, I'm the youngest one. And I'm the victim from all this problem.
They realized it. They knew that I cried every night.
They give me some strong advice. I'm okay now.
Thank you for everything. I'm so lost without you guys.

Lastly, please appreciate your family for everything that they have done for you.

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